Ranked Ballots

Barrie Council should consider Ranked Ballots

Engage Barrie supports all priorities listed in Barrie City Council’s 2018-22 Strategic Plan, but especially the goal to “Inspire Community Participation” — which is why we believe it is so important for Barrie to bring in Ranked Ballots for the next election, to fulfil the goal of helping everyone “get engaged and stay connected”. Our council will be considering a staff report about this important next step for our city. 

• To download and read the staff report click here

• To download and read our response to the report click here.

• To watch a video on how ranked ballots work click here.

Check out the data

Looking for a comprehensive study examining the effects of ranked ballots, sometimes called alternative voting? We you are in luck such a study was carried out in the California bay area looking a 4 cities that switched to a ranked ballot system vs equivalent cities that did not. • View the original 2016 report here • See the synopsis of the updated 2018 paper published in the Journal of Electoral Studies here. • View the FairVote analysis of Representation of People of Colour here.

Listen to an analysis

On the Struggle in the Suburbs podcast, Dave Meslin and Engage Barrie’s Jennifer Van Gennip join Michael Speers to discuss why making that change is the right thing to do.

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